New generation starter cultures

Bearing in mind that the fermentation of table olives often occurs spontaneously, the process and the microorganisms that develop must be monitored so that they do not lead to uncontrolled processes that may result in products of poor quality for the consumer, including those with defects known as zapateria or alambrado, amongst others.

The use of fermentation starter cultures has a number of advantages, such as increased product homogeneity, improved organoleptic profile, reduced fermentation time and reduced risk of spoilage. Furthermore, if we add probiotic potential to these technological characteristics, we are talking about the development of next-generation starter cultures with multifunctional characteristics (technological + probiotic).

Lactic acid starter cultures

The Oleica project’s strains of the Lactobacillus pentosus lactic acid bacteria species now exhibit multifunctional characteristics and are able to adhere to the surface of the olives, forming biofilms on the epidermis of the fruit, thus using the olives as a carrier of beneficial microorganisms to the final consumer. This innovation in the development and use of starter cultures, for which we are pioneers in the sector and in the market at large, will provide table olives with greater added value due to the increase in their functional value.

Moreover, we can develop tailor-made microbial starter cultures for you, which can be applied in many types of processes or companies that wish to distinguish and enhance their product’s identity (PDO, PGI, etc.).

Use our natural ferments to process your product.


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